My name is Nikki G and I started tattooing in April of 2016. My love for art and body modification has been relevant since my earliest memories, from my first drawings and begging to get my ears pierced. 

  The first thing I fully understood when it came to drawing was an optical illusion that my dad taught me how to draw when I was about 5-7 years old, and since then that has been my favorite subject matter. 

  My style is predominantly based in line work and black and grey. I started noticing the patterns in all living things through geometry and wanted to translate that into visual artwork which brought about my heavily influenced geometric and mandala style. From there I wanted to translate geometric patterns into any piece I possibly could. 

  Some of the artists that I admire and inspire me are Ryan Ashley, Chaim Machlev, Corey Divine, Sam Taylor, and everyone at Eternal Ink Tattoos!